Patient Care Instructions Following Scaling and Root Planing

Following scaling and root planing treatment, you can expect to notice less redness, less bleeding and less swelling of the gingiva (gums) tissue. your mouth will taste better and feel better. The health of gingival tissue can then be maintained with proper home care and regular professional care.

The day of the procedure - be careful eating.

Any discomfort usually dissipates within several hours. When anesthesia has been used, your lips, teeth and tongue may be numb for several hours after the appointment. Avoid any chewing or hot liquids until the numbness has completely worn off. Immediately following treatment, do not eat anything that breaks apart into small pieces (like nuts, seeds, toasted bread) for 24 hours following appointment. Due to the manipulation required to remove calculus, the gingiva may be loose and debris may lodge under the tissue at this time. Discomfort or pain should not be severe and should subside within a few days. Discomfort immediately after the treatment is usually associated with slight throbbing or aching and occasionally may be uncomfortable.

It is normal to experience some sensitivity after the appointment.

It is normal to experience some hot, cold , and pressure sensitivity after your appointment. Your gum tissue may be sore for several days. Rinse your mouth several times a day with salt water to reduce pain and swelling. Patients with hypertension should avoid rinsing with salt water; a substitute of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water can be used. In addition, teeth may be sensitive to temperature changes and/or sweets. The sensitivity to temperature may be noticeable during the first several days and usually diminishes with time. If tooth sensitivity is severe and/or prolonged, professional application of desensitizing agent may be required.

Some bleeding is normal.

Slight bleeding may occur during the next several brushings but the bleeding should steadily decrease. As the gingiva heals, it may change in shape around the teeth. This is part of the normal healing process. If gum tissues are tender, brush your teeth gently but thoroughly; this may take a little more time than normal. By the second or third day, normal hygiene techniques may be resumed. If symptoms are severe or persistent, please call our office.

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