Are dental veneers right for me?

Dental veneers are becoming more and more popular dental treatment option. But not all patients are ideal candidates. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of patients are suitable for this treatment.

But what are dental veneers?

They're made of porcelain. Dental veneers are custom-fabricated to match your natural teeth. Your dentist will stick them to the surface of your teeth. Traditional veneers require removal of a thin layer of enamel.

No-prep veneers, however, will allow your dentist to remove a minimal amount of enamel if needed.

The following are some factors that dentist consider before recommending dental veneer to their patients.

1. Severely discolored teeth

Tooth whitening treatments can be effective in treating external discoloration. However, extremely discolored teeth don't respond well to whitening. If your teeth don't respond to whitening treatments, Michael Z. Hopkins DDS may recommend dental veneers.

Dental veneer covers up stains as a result of old fillings, decay and other causes of internal discoloration.

2. Minor imperfection in your teeth structure

Dental veneers are also useful in hiding misshapen, chipped, and cracked teeth. Although dental bonding can resolve those issues, dental veneers are often an ideal lifelike solution.

3. Several aesthetic issues

Dental veneers, per set, are versatile treatment. If you have cracked tooth and several discolored teeth, these problems can be fixed with this treatment option. Other options require separate procedures to achieve desired results.

4. Excellent oral health

You can only be a good candidate if you have healthy teeth and gums. Thus, Dr. Michael Z. Hopkins recommends restoring the health of your teeth and gums first before receiving dental veneer.

5. Sufficient tooth enamel

Dental veneers are attached to your enamel. But Dr. Hopkins will first remove some of your enamel to make room for the veneer. Now, if you don't have sufficient amount of enamel, dental veneer won't have sufficing bonding surface.

6. Moderate straight teeth

Severe misalignment of your teeth can only put pressure on your teeth causing the dental veneer to crack. Dental veneers are only ideal for correcting moderately misaligned teeth.

7. Good oral hygiene

Dental veneers are placed to your natural teeth's surface. That said, it's vital that you keep a healthy oral hygiene. It means that you need to brush your teeth every day or after every meal. Floss twice a day. Visit your dentist regularly. Dental veneers can only last for many years as long as you properly take care of your teeth.

How long will dental veneers last?

As mentioned earlier, they can last for many years. Approximately, they can last 10 years or even longer. The great thing about this option is that it doesn't stain. It remains the same the whole time. If they need to be replaced, the procedure will be simple. It will be similar to how the original veneers were placed.To know whether or not you're a good candidate for dental veneer, please schedule an appointment with Michael Z. Hopkins DDS. Only dentists can know whether this dental treatment option is ideal for the patient's condition.

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