Do apples yellow teeth?

There's a growing concern among patients who are overly conscious about their teeth color and they are wondering whether or not it's true that apples could yellow your teeth. Unfortunately, the answer to the question "do apples yellow teeth" is yes.

But it's not only apple that could yellow your teeth. Other healthy foods could cause your pearly whites to yellow. However, just because they can stain your tooth enamel doesn't mean that you should entirely give up eating healthy foods. In most cases, the damage can be prevented.

Thus, it shouldn't cause for a great concern.

How do apples yellow teeth?

Apples and other fruits contain acids. When they're eaten, the acids in them can wear away your tooth enamel. As a result, it would thin out be result in it to expose the yellowish dentin of your tooth. This would then cause your teeth to appear yellow. Also known as acid erosion, the process could cause the affected teeth to be more sensitive to various factors, like hot/cold food/drinks. But foods aren't the only ones that could cause acid erosion. There are medical diseases that could also wear your tooth enamel. Acid reflux disease, for instance, is a medical condition that causes a serious dental issue as it causes the stomach to produce too much acid. Although the acid is in the stomach, it could travel up to the mouth and would start wearing away your tooth's enamel. Because of apple's effect on your teeth, it's not a good idea to brush your teeth after eating an apple or an acidic fruit as it could only do more harm than good. When you do brush immediately, you're just scrubbing away the enamel. Even if an enamel is hard, it could be softened by an acid attack. However, several studies showed that the vitamin C content in the fruits could decline over time. That said, when you consume an apple that has been stored for weeks may not contain enough vitamin C to negatively affect your tooth and its enamel.

Tooth Whitening

Michael Z. Hopkins, DDS, provides his patients with tooth whitening treatments to alleviate their yellow teeth as a result of eating apples. These treatments are used to brighten their smiles and bring back their shine and appeal.

Dr. Hopkins offers an at-home and an in-office teeth whitening treatments that are safe, effective and easy to follow. As regards to yellowing of teeth caused by eating apples regularly, Dr. Hopkins recommends rinsing mouth after eating. Don't brush your teeth right away to avoid eroding the enamel. Instead, wait for half an hour before brushing.

If you need to drink acidic beverages, it would be best to use a straw. And when you consume acidic beverages, you should never swish them in your mouth.

Dr. Hopkins doesn't recommend giving up eating of healthy foods, like apples, just because they can erode your teeth and cause them to yellow. When you visit Dr. Hopkins' clinic, he can give you a dental sealant to protect your teeth. Visit Dr. Michael Hopkins' clinic today for consultation:

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