Is it normal to grind my teeth during the day?

"I keep grinding my teeth during the day that's why I have a tight jaw or sore facial muscles in the morning. Is this normal?" No, teeth grinding isn't normal. In fact, it can destroy your teeth enamel, resulting in teeth sensitivity.What is teeth grinding? Medically known as bruxism, teeth grinding is common in adults and kids. If left untreated, it could damage teeth. You may need radical treatments, like root canals and tooth extraction. Apart from that, it could also negatively affect your jaw, resulting in TMD. Worse, it disfigures your face. It's also possible that you'll experience earaches and headaches.

What's the cause?

Doctors haven't discovered the cause of teeth grinding yet. However, it's usually associated with obstructive sleep apnea or misalignment in your teeth. Although most teeth grinding cases could happen at night, it can also occur during the day. Most likely, it's caused by anxiety or emotional stress. The good thing is that there are some ways to stop it before it damages your teeth.

Ways to Eliminate Teeth Grinding Naturally

Because stress can cause teeth grinding, you must reduce or remove any stressors in your life. You can do so by exercising regularly. Aerobic exercises are proven to lower stress. While exercising, make sure that you stay hydrated. It's also important to avoid drinking or eating foods that trigger stress. These would include caffeinated beverages and alcohol. When you feel stressed out, try writing your thoughts and feelings. In this way, any intense emotions you feel will be released. Keeping a journal will also help you identify your stressors.If you're too stressed out, you may need to seek counsel. A trained professional will teach you techniques that can help you deal with stressors and how to address any emotional situations. Talk to your dentist about it. He may refer you to a counselor or prescribe a muscle relaxant, so your jaw won't get tensed.If you're married, try asking your partner to wake you up when you start to grind your teeth. In the day, ask your colleagues to remind you if you're starting to clench your teeth. Daytime bruxism can be alleviated by being aware of it, but you need the assistance of other people if you're not conscious of it.Your dentist will help you evaluate your teeth grinding condition. He'll develop a plan customized for your case.He may also recommend the use of an occlusal appliance. It's custom made, so it fits perfectly on your top or bottom teeth.Wearing this appliance is essential in protecting your teeth against the effects of teeth grinding. It won't resolve the cause of the grinding, however. But it reduces muscle pain in the jaw. You may wear it at bedtime. But some people wear it at daytime, especially if their bruxism is severe.If your teeth grinding is caused by sleep apnea, a mandibular advancement device may be advised. It helps in managing snoring and sleep apnea. Never let teeth grinding ruin your pearly whites. Talk to your dentist about it so he can customize a plan for you and treat your condition.

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