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Deep Cleanings
In certain cases, a regular cleaning is not enough to remove the buildup and deposits that can collect on your teeth and gums over time. Because these deposits are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay, it is extremely important they are removed. In these instances, your dentist may recommend that you undergo a deep cleaning procedure to ensure that they can prevent the development of gum disease and gingivitis, which can cause serious inflammation in your gums and wreak havoc on the underlying bone structure that supports your teeth. Both of these conditions can be quite painful if left untreated.

What to expect during a deep cleaning

Your dentist will usually separate your deep cleaning into four appointments to ensure your maximum comfort. Each appointment will generally take between 30 and 60 minutes, and will deal with a different quadrant of your mouth. For example, your first appointment may deal with the upper left quadrant, the second appointment with the lower right quadrant, etc. Before beginning, your dentist will carefully examine your mouth and check for any dental issues. Then, your mouth will be prepared for the deep cleaning, which in many cases involves numbing the area of your mouth where your dentist will be working. As your dentist is performing the deep cleaning, they will also smooth any rough tooth edges or exposed tooth roots that may have been causing your pain. Your dentist will discuss any procedures they are going to perform with you before your appointment so that you fully understand your personalized treatment plan.

The difference between regular and deep cleanings

Deep cleanings are typically recommended for patients who have exposed tooth roots or in cases where their tooth structure has been compromised in places. While your dentist will of course perform regular cleaning procedures to remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth during a deep cleaning appointment, they will also do some planing of exposed tooth roots to ensure they are smooth. They may also remove any tooth remnants that may or may not be infected to ensure your mouth and gums stay healthy. Rough tooth and tooth root edges will be smoothed to make you more comfortable and relieve any pain they may have been causing you.

After your deep cleaning

Your teeth and gums may be unusually sensitive for a few days after your deep cleaning appointment. Your dentist may recommend that you avoid flossing for a few days and brush gently in order to allow your gums time to recover. You may also want to avoid temperature extremes when eating and drinking for a few days.
If it has been some time since your last regular cleaning and you suspect you may be in need of a more extensive deep cleaning appointment, we can help. Our caring professional staff is committed to providing you dental care free of any judgment; our main concern is ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your visit and leave with a healthier, brighter, cleaner smile. Call us today at 310-378-9241 to schedule an appointment. We will help you achieve the healthy and bright smile that you've always wanted to have.

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