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Talon™ Nightguards
If you wake up in the morning with sore and tired jaw muscles, or have difficulty opening your mouth wide you may be suffering from a medical condition known as bruxism. Bruxism is the term dentists use when a patient grinds their teeth at night, causing their jaw to feel stiff and sore. These symptoms may also be caused by teeth clenching, which can be just as harmful. If you grind your teeth, you may wear away your tooth enamel at an increased rate, causing the need for extensive dental work.

Why Talon™ Nightguards should be used

Seeking treatment for bruxism will not only relieve the jaw, neck, and shoulder pain associated with the condition, it can also prevent the need for extensive and expensive dental treatment later on. Without treatment, your teeth may become worn, chipped, or broken, which leads to the need for dental crowns, bridges, implants or even dentures. Often, treatment for bruxism is as simple as wearing a special nightguard to help protect your teeth.

Talon™ Nightguards are made from a revolutionary thermoplastic material that sets it apart from other nightguards. This material has a shape memory that will not bend or warp under normal wear and tear. Talon Nightguards have an instant fit, providing you with a comfortable device that requires a far shorter visit.

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